Hollandus Landing Chapter 113: Ayesha Durand part VIII

I can’t believe I’ve become an imbecile.

I left the library and went back to my dorm right here in Leyden Avalon.

“You’ve been gone for a while.” It was Rozenn making some zines. “Is that zoology test that bad?”

“It’s not horrible, just boring and something I know I can conquer.” I declared. “I do admit I was distracted by my own scientific endeavors.”

“You could be distracted by worse things. Like maybe that Monacan princess who’s at our school.” Rozenn said.

I just facepalmed. “I happened to see that imbecile today. I have nothing against foreigners since I’m a third generation Kittian-American, but she’s just another example of some snooty international brat thinking she can get her way.”

“I agree. People like her need to stop bothering us.”


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