Hollandus Landing Chapter 115: Ayesha Durand part X

I could remember when she first came here as a seventeen year old freshman last year.

“Bonjour, everyone. My name is Maryse Savatier. I’m from Monte Carlo, Monaco and I’m so happy to be a student here at the excellent Leyden Avalon University.”

She was decked out to the nines with brand names I’ve never heard of and could care less about. I had to be sure that some cartoon princess didn’t get accidentally transported to the real world and enrolled here in Hollandus Landing, Wisconsin.

Maryse put her nose up high and said “Wow, I thought this university would be fancier.” She just laughed all the way to orientation.

I just shook my head seeing this Monacan girl strutting her stuff and condescendingly demean our school. I’m sorry, Maryse. Pardon me for coming from the lowly fiefdom of Albany, New York just so I can get an education in a top-tier college in the Midwest.



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