Hollandus Landing Chapter 117: Ayesha Durand part XII

“I just happened to finish my biology lab test. It’s fancy seeing you here.” She giggled while saying that.

“If you weren’t aware of this, then let me drop some heavyweight knowledge on you. I’m majoring in science. I’m kind of here every school day with most of my classes until I graduate, genius.” I was seething as she dared to enter my presence.

“Ayesha, don’t be so angry. I’m only going back to my dorm room. I need to get some home decor for my room.”

“Whatever, Maryse. The faster you get your spoiled derrière out of here, the better.” I rolled my eyes before saying to myself. “Stupid bratty imbecile…”

“What did you just say?” She called me out on my little quip.


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