Hollandus Landing Chapter 133: Neveah O’Shaunnessy part VIII

Once it was getting closer to five, I drove out and headed to Carnival de Luna. It was my friend Aeronwy’s business that involved specialty props and supplies for theatre productions, clowning, and parlor magic.

Not only was it a store, but it had a small museum in back detailing the history of the subjects that it helped supply. Sure, it was nothing like up North in Baraboo for obvious reasons, but the amount of research was phenomenal.

I got out the car and made it when it was about two minutes to close. There was one customer finishing up a transaction. From what I could tell, he bought a bag full of red noses and some colorful wigs.

“Thanks for checking out Carnival de Luna. You have an enchanted day, sir.”

That was Aeronwy talking to the customer. She then saw me as he left her establishment.

“What’s up, The Illustrious Neveah?” She had this huge smile on her face despite me frowning.


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