Hollandus Landing Chapter 137: Neveah O’Shaunnessy part XII

This was five years ago when this all went down.

After Aeronwy and I became friends when she moved to Hollandus Landing, she saw me perform some magic tricks at Darien Community College. It was a little talent show where she saw me amongst some dancers, singers, and other people more talented than me.

“Hey, Neveah. Would you like to perform some magic at the store I’m opening?”

My eyes grew after hearing that.

“Seriously? I’d love to!”

At Carnival de Luna, I did some of my tricks to a small, yet very attentive audience. I didn’t make any mistakes then and even got some recommendations to perform at parties and other special events.

It was also after that where I gave myself the “Illustrious” nickname. I thought it sounded awesome, yet at the same time…

It was a way for me to fake confidence.


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