Hollandus Landing Chapter 153: Lisandro Vicario part VIII

“Well, duh.” She replied to me with such attitude. “I’ll be in the cage this weekend in Madison. I want to see how those Americans fare when it comes to martial arts.”

“So who are you and where are you from?” I asked her.

“The name’s Xiuying Shanxi, and I’m from Macao. I come from a long ling of martial artists and yes, I have a famous uncle if you pay attention to my family name. How about you? I can tell you’re not originally from the US by your accent, you know.” She introduced herself.

“Lisandro.” Just my first name would suffice. It’s not like she knew how I made a living anyway. “I came all the way from Peru to be here.”

“Peru, huh? That’s a random place to be a fighter from. Brazil has cranked out more fighters if we’re talking about South America, you know.”

“Yes, I’m aware of that.” I rolled my eyes a bit. Not that I had anything against Brazilians, but I my homeland isn’t as famous as them when it came to that field.


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