Hollandus Landing Chapter 154: Lisandro Vicario part IX

“Xiuying, I’m surprised that someone from a wealthy place like Macao would want to do something that people in the underclass do.”

She stopped working out and jumped from the bar to face me.

“Just because I live in one of the wealthiest regions in China and have a famous relative who’s been in several movies doesn’t mean I’m some entitled brat.” She got in my face. Xiuying maybe short, but it looked like her temper matched her height. “You want to fight right here?”

“Hey, I meant no disrespect to your hometown and I don’t want to fight you.” I stayed calm when I tried talking to her. There was no way this would end well. If she beat me, then she might as well break every bone in my body. If I knocked her out, then I’d be a domestic abuser which is something any man with the slightest amount of decency doesn’t want.

“Well, Lisandro…I’m waiting!”


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