Hollandus Landing Chapter 155: Lisandro Vicario part X

There were others staring at the two of us. We just met, and Xiuying just had to make a scene about all of this. I wasn’t insulting her. I just stated a fact about where she was from.

I guess she thought I was some spoiled brat.

“Are you deaf, Lisandro?”

“No, I heard you loud and clear.” I responded to her raised voice. “I’m not going to fight you, so there’s no need to make such a big deal out of this misunderstanding.”

“Really? Are you too chicken to get your head kicked in by a girl?” She kept on egging me on the more this lasted.

If only I could just diffuse this situation with something.

Xiuying started to yell at me in Mandarin and even Portuguese of all things. I had no clue what she said, but I was sure that she cussed me out in those languages.

Then an explosion erupted in the gym and people screamed their lungs out.

What just happened?


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