Hollandus Landing Chapter 163: Lisandro Vicaro part XVIII

That spandex wearing android rushed in and we both stood our ground. With perfect timing we both kicked that robot’s head clean off at the same time. The synthetic flesh was torn and it’s metallic spine was shown.

Some people were screaming when they saw this.

“Don’t worry, it’s not a person!” I tried calming down everyone once the head flew back down.

Xiuying grabbed the head and she saw something inside the neck.

“Saqqaf Robotics? What the heck is that?” She wondered.

“I have no idea, but they’re in for one big lawsuit.”

I looked at the gym and saw that there were no other casualties.

“Thanks, Xiuying. I didn’t think that we were supposed to meet like this, but I appreciate your help.”

“Yeah, it’s whatever.” She replied. “I did like the action, but I could have done this by myself though.”

Whatever you say.


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