Hollandus Landing Chapter 164: Lisandro Vicario part XIX

One day later, I watched some of the news going on TV.

It was the typical stuff with celebrity drama, political craziness, crime and everything in between except for one big thing.

That robot attack at the local gym.

You would think that this would make headlines worldwide, but I’m not sure. I’m surprised there wasn’t any kind of smartphone footage that popped up online yet.

Maybe the people are just scared to film it or they wish that disaster never happened. I decided to search for what happened at the gym online, but I couldn’t find anything. Even the typical video sites had some thumbnails, but the content was censored.

Something’s not sitting well here.

I then got a call from my boss at work.

“Hey, Lord Relampago. How would you like to be in the Dunamis Dozen #1 Contender’s Tournament?”

To think I got a call like this after what I went through.


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