Hollandus Landing Chapter 165: Lisandro Vicario part XX

It was amazing. He literally asked me about an entry to become first in line to challenge for the Dunamis World Championship, the top title.

I know I wanted to do it, but I thought about what happened. Xiuying and I reported on the robot attack despite not getting press coverage and wondering what Saqqaf Robotics is all about for this freak accident (incident?) that happened.

Then again, they don’t know about my working life since I spend most of my days on the clock wearing a mask and a matching costume. That and it would be great to fulfill my goal.

Maybe I’ll be safe.

“Yeah, I’ll do it. When’s my first match?”

“This Saturday. This will be in Hollandus Landing again, so it’s right in your backyard.”

“Good. I’ll be there.”

I hoped this would work. I want people to get to the bottom of this with the android attack, but at the same time I had to reach the brass ring…or rather a golden belt, so I can be the first person from my home country to win a world championship.

Let’s do this.


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