Hollandus Landing Chapter 168: Waverly Arlington Jr. part III

I left the studio and drove back home while thinking about things in my career so far. I wasn’t entitled or anything (at least I hope I wasn’t). Besides, I just did an ad spot which I didn’t complain about.

I had done voices for several productions such as commercials, cartoons, and some movies. Hollandus Landing was a great change of pace compared to how plastic Hollywood was.

“Waverly, do this.”

“Waverly, do that.”

“Waverly, why aren’t you going to play this character?”

It was filled with jerks and sycophants which rubbed me the wrong way. I pictured myself roaring the word “STOP!” to all those that wanted me to forget about my dignity.

I finally got home and stopped to see my lovely wife.

“I’m home, Seble! How was work?”


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