Hollandus Landing Chapter 169: Waverly Arlington Jr. part IV

“It was great although kind of strange.” My wife told me. “Some of the students in the library were talking about some rumor of an attack at one of the local gyms.”

“Really? How were those people?” I asked.

“There were no fatalities, but like I said, it’s just hearsay. I haven’t found anything even with some independent news sources.” Seble explained. “But let’s not worry about that now. I’m sure you’ve had a long day at work, too.”

“Yeah, I certainly exercised my jaw alright.” I grinned while saying that. “At least it helps pay the mortgage here and Wisconsin’s cost of living is certainly more affordable compared to what it was like in the Golden State.” Both of us laughed a bit.

“Indubitably.” Seble remarked. “So how’s your idea about that screenplay?”

I figured she would ask me that again at some point.


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