Hollandus Landing Chapter 175: Waverly Arlington Jr. part X

“What kind of changes do you think I should make so far?” I asked Seble.

“I would start by adding more elements to this paracosm and to play around with some tropes more often.” She advised.

“Para-what? Could you explain that to me, please?”

“A paracosm refers to a made up world or at the very least, a fictionalized society. You can do things like adding cultural elements, supernatural things if necessary, and some in-universe terminology for these worlds you’re writing.”

Wow, I felt like I was getting educated here. Seble was certainly better than any literature teacher I’ve had.

“I see. If you’re talking about things specific to this fictional universe I’m creating, maybe I can start with some metaphors attached to these little events.”

“Is that so, Waverly? What kind of metaphors were you thinking about?” She asked.

Well, I hesitated for a bit before I spoke on certain ideas.


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