Hollandus Landing Chapter 198: Yasmina Chung part XIII

“I’ve slain the Dragon Witch, your majesty.” Edmunston raised the citrine amulet high. “Here are the spoils you’re looking for.”

“Wonderful, Sir Edmunston.” The king congratulated his loyal knight. “I knew you would do well in killing that wicked reptile. Tell me, what were her last words?”

Edmunston answered the king’s request. “She said ‘I fought for my kingdom. It’s the one you stole.’ I didn’t know what that meant.”

King Valor’s brow began to glisten when he heard what the knight just repeated from the Dragon Witch. “That cursed Sybari…”

“Who’s Sybari?” The knight squinted his eyes as he looked at his king.


Yes, that was the beginning of deception. It was only going to be a downfall from there.

I had to score this tragedy.


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