Hollandus Landing Chapter 206: Darina Thornley-Foster part I

I waited for that call.

I wondered what kind of part I would get, but I hoped that I would be proven wrong given my history of playing certain types of characters.

To make sure I wasn’t freaking out, I started to read some fantasy books I loaned at the library. It was great to do that whenever I wasn’t doing homework or acting in these plays I was a part of. I had a theatre scholarship, so it was just part of the plan.

My phone rang and I ditched the book and picked it up.

“Hello?” My voice wavered.

“Hey, Darina. We finally decided which character you’ll be.”

My heart sped up when I heard this.

“You’re going to be the Dragon Witch.”

I covered the phone to make sure they didn’t hear me sigh in disappointment.

“Okay, then. Thank you.”


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