Hollandus Landing Chapter 210: Darina Thornley-Foster part V

I guess I had my head in the clouds more often than not.

Later in the day, I hung out with Yasmina in the Leyden Avalon Cafe where I had an iced chai tea latte while she had a vanilla cold brew.

Yasmina brought her MP3 player with her. “Would you like to listen to that demo?”

“Sure.” I got her headphones and listened to the cello demo. “It’s really good, Yasmina. You’re so talented.”

“If you say so. I just like composing and playing cello.” She said. “So you heard back about the play.”

I sighed before answering. “Yeah. I’m going to be the Dragon Witch.” I put my head down after saying that. “This is going to backfire.”

“Sorry to hear about you playing a villain, but you’re a great actress though.” She tried to console me.


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