Hollandus Landing Chapter 211: Darina Thornley-Foster part VI

“I guess so, but I want to show more range than just being another villain.” I complained. “Sure, the Dragon Witch is more sympathetic than other characters I’ve played and is an anti-villain at worst, but I still want something different.”

“True. But wouldn’t you agree that she’s not the real villain given what’s revealed in the final act?” Yasmina made a great point.

“Yeah, but her fate certainly doesn’t help. I’m also surprised the hardcore feminists haven’t made noise about us doing this play.” I said. Yasmina giggled a tiny bit when I made that dry joke.

“If I can survive composing a piece based on that story, then you can make it in this play.” Yasmina encouraged me with her quiet voice.

I never thought you would be my main encouraging friend, but I still appreciate you, Yasmina.

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