Hollandus Landing Chapter 212: Darina Thornley-Foster part VII

After meeting up with my friend Yasmina, I went to my campus mailbox and there was my script awaiting me. They were certainly fast in letting me know what my lines were going to be.

I thought about how I was going to make this role work. I don’t want to be a clone of how the animated movie portrayed that character not that I looked like her. The guy who’s going to play Edmunston was taller than me and the Dragon Witch in that movie was more muscular than me.

I went to my dorm and looked over some of my lines to remember and how I can pull off some mannerisms with this character.

I lowered my voice to sound more sinister as I read her dialog. People have told me that my regular voice is a bit sweet, but quite breathy though.

Then, came the special ingredient…

My patented evil laugh.


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