Hollandus Landing Chapter 215: Darina Thornley-Foster part X

Dragon Witch: My my, well if it isn’t King Valor’s beloved assassin–I mean, knight coming down to slay me.

Edmunston: Silence, Dragon Witch. You’ve caused too much suffering in th kingdom, and you must pay for your crimes.

Dragon Witch: You must be mistaken. Have I hurt some of your people before? Yes, I have. I’ve only done it self defense after Valor and his entourage of denizens took my one thing more precious than this amulet.

Edmunston: [Draws sword] Is that it? All because of some stupid treasure you have?

Dragon Witch: [Attacks Edmunston with magic] Hold your tongue, you armored devil! You know nothing about the suffering I’ve endured let alone the creatures your leader has banished. They didn’t take any silver or gold from me.

Edmunston: [On the ground while trying to get up] What did they take?

Dragon Witch: Valor killed my daughter.


I read those lines with such anger like how I wanted to get back at those who’ve ignored or demonized me.

It was that point where she became more sympathetic. Sure, I don’t have kids, but…

I started to understand where she was coming from as a character.


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