Hollandus Landing Chapter 217: Darina Thornley-Foster part XII

I could remember some of those insensitive comments back then when I was a child.

“We’re cowboys, so it looks like we have to shoot you!” Some boys threatened me with toy guns after watching some old-school Westerns.

One time, some kids tried to glue some headdress and put it on me while they were making whooping noises while pretending to pow-wow.

There was one comment that made me crack when I was in high school. “Hey, Darina. Are you crying? Why don’t you walk away and join the next Trail of Tears!”

I sobbed even harder and told the teachers, but they only got a slap on a wrist despite saying an incredibly hateful comment to me even though I’m half-white. Making a joke like that to my face would be like telling a Jewish person to go into a gas chamber. People are just so cruel and I had a hard time fighting back.


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