Hollandus Landing Chapter 219: Darina Thornley-Foster part XIV

One week later, we started our first rehearsals.

We were able to use the Leyden Avalon stage in the fine arts center since no one else used the auditorium at that time.

The other actors and actresses were okay for their first times, but they kept botching some of their lines.

Then, it came to me for my scenes and I started out with some hidden bravado.

“So King Valor has sent an assassin after me? Of course he would.” I began my monologue with a ferocious lower voice. “He can never let this go even though he won. No matter, those humans who trifle with my community and I will suffer!” I yelled those last few words.

The rest of them gasped when I remembered my lines.

I also noticed there was someone I wasn’t familiar with who was in our first rehearsal.


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