Hollandus Landing Chapter 221: Darina Thornley-Foster part XVI

“Um, thanks.” I nervously talked to him. This was too ironic. I was super confident when I played a character, but I can barely make eye contact to someone who’s complimenting me. I hoped he was genuine.

“Sorry. I never introduced myself. I’m Earl.” He said. The way he talked was a bit peculiar. He didn’t sound like he was a local student around here. Sure, I’m a few states away, but people have told me my accent was neutral. “Your name’s Darina, right?”

I just nodded.

“Are you okay?” Earl wondered.

“Yeah. Taking a break after acting throws me off. I’m sorry.” I anxiously giggled while looking down. “So what brings you to this rehearsal?”

“I’m actually going to do tech for Edmunston and the Dragon Witch, and I wanted to see how everything’s been going so far.” Earl did chuckle a bit before talking again. “Although I’ve always thought Edmunston’s name was kind of funny to me.”

“Why is that?”

“He’s named after a city in New Brunswick which is the province I’m from.” Earl informed me about that.

That was interesting to know.


I didn’t know there were Canadians here at Leydon Avalon U.


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