Hollandus Landing Chapter 222: Darina Thornley-Foster part XVII

“So which part of New Brunswick are you from?” I meekly asked.

“Saint John.” Earl answered. “Of course I have to mention that I’m from the big NB all the time because other Canadians automatically assume I’m from Newfoundland and Labrador since their biggest city and capital is St. John’s. Where I’m from, it’s not a possessive term.”

I did laugh a bit.

“I wasn’t trying to be all that funny, but that’s fine.”

“Sorry. You sounded really enthusiastic when you said that. I’ve never met anyone from there before.” I confessed.

“Well, now you have. I’m straight out of Saint John, Canada’s Irish City. Where are you from?”

“Topeka, Kansas. I came here to Hollandus Landing when I got a theatre scholarship for Leyden Avalon University, but I didn’t come from one country away to be here, I guess.” I explained.

“No problem. I needed a change of pace, and it’s been good here so far.” Earl said.

“Alright, everyone. Back to rehearsal.” The director ordered.

It was back to business, but there was something about Earl that made my heart flutter.


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