Hollandus Landing Chapter 223: Darina Thornley-Foster part XVIII

I continued in my rehearsal and I still had to hear some mistakes even though I never missed a line. I didn’t want to brag about it, so I kept quiet.

I went up to Earl after rehearsal.

“What did you think?”

“It’s still pretty early, but I thought you did a great job.” He praised me. “I assume you’ve always played villains before. You were so intense.”

“How’d you know?” I blushed a bit when he noticed it.

“You seem to have this presence about you where you’ve played several villains. Also, I’ve noticed that most people who play antagonists are usually the nicest people in real life.” Earl noted. “No offense to the theatre program, but you’re the only one who didn’t act stuck up around me.”

“Thank you.” I quietly replied.

“I know what it’s like to work with actors since I do filming projects. It would be amazing if you played a protagonist for once.”

I felt like I was in a parallel universe when he said that. No one has ever wanted me to be a protagonist before.


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