Hollandus Landing Chapter 224: Darina Thornley-Foster part XIX

“Do you really mean it?” I whispered.

“Sure thing, Darina. It would be awesome if you played a heroine. Maybe like a kind, yet strong mage or even a princess. That would be a great way to cast against type.” He thought aloud.

“A mage would be cool, but a princess? I think I’d have to drop thirty pounds to have a body remotely like one. Maybe bleaching my skin could help since no one wants to see a Native American princess, let alone a heroine.” I responded to him.

“Don’t say that about yourself!” He assured me. “You’re fine. Who gives a crap about what the mainstream movie industry or the theatre business wants? Just be you.”

I shed a tear and just hugged him.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes. Even though we just met, you were more encouraging to me than ninety-nine percent of people I’ve met in my life.” I confessed while tearing up a little more. “I’ll do my best to be the greatest Dragon Witch ever, but it would be amazing to play a heroine for once.”


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