Hollandus Landing Chapter 225: Darina Thornley-Foster part XX

“Thanks, Darina. I didn’t expect to have that kind of effect. It’s awesome meeting you, and I can’t wait to run tech for this play.” I finally let go of embracing him and I waved goodbye.

Earl was so awesome and gave me a bit of hope for this play after being ignored and bullied for so long.

He saw the good in me…probably moreso than Tito, Lindita, or Yasmina.

I looked forward to being the Dragon Witch after I reinterpreted the character with my own personal experiences. I just wished that the rest of the group would improve and do their best with their parts.

Just one more month, and we’ll be presenting Sylvester Wheeler’s epic story at my college.

I also wondered what kind of  heroine I can be whether on stage, on film, and especially real life in this troublesome universe.


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