Hollandus Landing Chapter 228: Rozenn Padgett part III

Darina stormed off with her stupid Edmunston fliers. I didn’t know where this new backbone of hers came from. I guess her being the Dragon Witch must have given her some kind of toughness she’s never had before.

I grabbed my zines and spread them around on campus. I used my quota for Leyden Avalon and went back into my dorm. My roommate Ayesha was there.

“Hey, Ayesha. I just got back from sending some freshly made zines to this college. What’s up with you?”

“Busy applying for internships.” Ayesha said as she began to face me. “I’ve been looking at various firms in the area and the last one I found was Saqqaf Robotics. They have a biology subsidiary which could be beneficial for my career.”

“But we’re sophomores though. You must really be on your grind.” I noted.

“Let me drop some heavyweight knowledge on you. I’ll be earlier than any college student in the history of ever.” She replied.

“I get it, but you don’t need to use your catchphrase on me.” I said. “Enough of that though, would you like to come to The Major Keystone this weekend?”


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