Hollandus Landing Chapter 229: Rozenn Padgett part IV

“No, but thanks for the offer.” Ayesha told me. “I have to deal with this zoology paper and I need lots of time to write and revise it myself.”

“I see.” It was a bummer. Even though Ayesha was a super genius who was snarky like me, at least she respected me as a person. “I wish you could come to it though.”

“Yeah, it’s the thought that counts.” She said. “Who’s playing?”

“I know that show will be headlined by Emblem Duchess, that all girl post-punk band. I want to interview them and some of the openers for Vanguard Beat.” I thought it would be great to get some more content for my zine.

“Nice. Break a leg out there.” Ayesha smiled before typing on her computer.

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