Hollandus Landing 232: Rozenn Padgett part VII

After one of their songs, their lead singer/drummer got on the mic and said a few things.

“How’s it going, Hollandus Landing?”

The crowd cheered.

“Nice. Just remember we got some CDs and merch in the back. Half of the proceeds go to the Hollandus Community Shelter. For our next song, it’s about how some people still face maltreatment. This is called ‘Buffalo Graveyard’.”

They kicked off that song with their buzzing guitars and mathy drumming. That drumming frontman was on fire with his verbal delivery. One line did catch my ears when the music briefly stopped.

“With quick breaths, they starved them to death.”

That was some heavy stuff. He seemed really passionate when singing and pounding the skins. It must really matter to him.

I had to ask him about that song.


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