Hollandus Landing Chapter 233: Rozenn Padgett part VIII

That was an intense song and I felt like there was some big meaning to it.

The Originator’s Fury ended their set and some other band began setting up after they tore down their instruments and amps.

I had my pen and notebook with me as I went to The Originator’s Fury’s merch table. They had their albums, business cards, and shirts with them. One of their shirts had a picture of a Native American chief on it and it said this…

“Oh, you’re complaining about how immigrants are taking over your country? That’s really cute.”

I gulped and decided to talk to their singer.

“Excuse me, my name is Rozenn and I’m in charge of the Vanguard Beat zine. May I interview you, please?”

The singer’s eyebrows were raised. “Wow. That’s the first time anyone’s asked me if they wanted an interview. You said you make the Vanguard Beat zines? I’ve read a few issues.”

This could be better than I thought.


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