Hollandus Landing Chapter 241: Rozenn Padgett part XVI

I finished making the zines and printed them out.

I walked around various parts of the campus to spread the word about Vanguard Beat. There were barely any students awake since it was still in the morning. I mean, besides some janitors, campus police, or maintenance workers, there wouldn’t be anyone else walking around.

Some of the zines were left by the student center and the cafe. I turn around and I see Darina posting more of those posters for that Edmunston play. Why did she have to be up the same time as me promoting that play?

She saw me and quickly looked away before taping one of those posters up.

Darina hates my guts and I couldn’t blame her given all the things Ayesha and I have said to her since we became students here a year ago.


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