Hollandus Landing Chapter 242: Rozenn Padgett part XVII

I remembered when we were all freshmen trying to get used to college life. Something about Darina made her an easy target. She would be so shy and Ayesha and I weren’t like that.

I remembered one time where she accidentally ran into me in the cafeteria.

“Watch where you’re going, you klutz.” I scolded her. She gasped and blushed when I called her out. I saw what was on her plate which involved a salad and some chicken. “Looks like someone’s trying to avoid the freshman fifteen. At least it’s a start to shrink that belly pooch of yours.”

I felt in a huff and I just heard her cry a bit after being on my way.

Another time was when she got to be in her first play and she got to be the villain.

“You get to be the villain? How predictable.” I said to her once I found out.

Holy Hecate, I didn’t realize I was cruel to her.


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