Hollandus Landing Chapter 250: Fatiyyah Saqqaf part V

“Those would be the BLK Mark 3 series. They are meant to be used for menial labor, and not for combat.” I assured the detective.

“Okay. So why did they appear at that gym and start fighting people?” He grilled me.

“Your guess is as good as mine. If I decided to have an automated infantry to raze Hollandus Landing, then I’d be branded a terrorist and jailed.” I scowled while giving that answer. “Be honest, you know the mainstream media would adore having someone with my melanin and name being painted as the enemy.”

“Hey, let’s not bring race into this.” A drop of sweat exited his brow. He cleared his throat. “So if it isn’t you, who else could have summoned those chunks of metal.”

Hmm…looks like I can prove my innocence, but I don’t know which dunderhead had the controls.


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