Hollandus Landing 257: Fatiyyah Saqqaf part XII

Some business connection that would be. I finished typing up an email in my main office with my model anime robots and my jet black devices.

I knew I would need them and I was proven right.

The door to my office was busted open by Kingsley and some faceless ruffians.

“Hello, Fatiyyah.” He grinned while trying to greet me. “I’ve been told to take you back to Geneva labs.”

Something about him wasn’t right. We’ve met before, but it seemed like he was talking to me as if he saw me for the first time. It didn’t matter anyway as they broke and entered into my building.

I grabbed my devices. They were actually customized batons for situations like these. Some tiny lightning emerged from the tops of those sticks.

Payback would be coming.


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