Hollandus Landing Chapter 256: Fatiyyah Saqqaf part XI

I could remember when they wanted me to help out five months ago…

“Ms. Fatiyyah Saqqaf, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” It was Damon introducing himself. He had the coldest and most emotionless greeting ever. I wondered if he suffered from alexithymia.

Next came Kingsley. “So you’re the robot scientist who’s here to work with us? Pleased to meet you, Ms. Saqqaf.”

“Yes, it’s good to let my automaton acumen reach different avenues. So, where do I start?”

“We wanted to know more about your BLK series when it came to getting additional labor.” Damon noted.

I thought it was an innocent business deal as I did a demonstration with these robots picking up heavy objects and being obedient to my commands.

Their programming had to have been altered sometime after that.


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