Hollandus Landing Chapter 261: Fatiyyah Saqqaf part XVI

“I thought you’re supposed to be smart.” Kingsley slighted me. “Some of us have been followed by the cops and you were a part of–”

I interrupted him by whacking him across the head with my batons.

“You can talk about me being an informant all you want, but you never question my intelligence. Do you understand me?” I warned him.

All he did was smile before I clubbed him again.

“I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?” I screamed at his face.

“Ugh…I heard you the first time, Fatiyyah.” He groaned.

“Good. I’d hate to get charged with manslaughter. Oh wait, that’s your problem.” I growled. “If you know what’s good for you, then you better leave my god-blessed lab.”


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