Hollandus Landing Chapter 272: Jacob Bridgeport part VII

I was at my student job walking around with a visiting family as I showed them the sights at Leyden Avalon University.

“Now over there is the Science Building. We have all our labs in that location.” I pointed to a two story building that looked like an old schoolhouse. “It used to be an elementary school sixty years ago, but Leyden Avalon bought it and used it for that program. Also, the first thesis on exoplanets in the state came from there.”

The family oohed and ahhed when I name-dropped that fact. It would be bizarre if anyone did any work like that with moons or dimensions in town.

“Next up, is the library. Even though you’ll obviously find books, we have DVDs for people to watch, and this building is certified LEED Platinum. It’s cleaner than a hospital inside there while being environmentally sound.” I continued.

The visitors were impressed, but knowing about random facts wasn’t enough for me.


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