Hollandus Landing Chapter 275: Jacob Bridgeport part X

Vagabond Legend was a story dealing with a wandering hero named Josiah from a faraway country where he’s in a world with several fiefdoms with local and national monarchs controlling several areas.

Lord Amistad: Who are you?

Josiah: The name’s Josiah and I’ve seen what’s going on in your reign.

Lord Amistad: Is that so? Are you talking about how powerful my kingdom is?

Josiah: [draws magical staff] How about the thousands of people you’ve enslaved to build your empire? You’re nothing more than a crowned thief. Have at you, fiend!

The battle ensued between the wanderer and the royal as they clashed with steel and magic. That exposed sin of his was heinous and I’m glad someone like Josiah could let it be known. I never had talent like that.


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