Hollandus Landing Chapter 290: Galena Barnyachev part V

“How about our big production being based on Edmunston and the Dragon Witch?”

I mentally facepalmed as I listened to that hotheaded dancer suggest this idea to me?

“Seriously, Isaiah? I get that this story is from this city’s most famous author, but do we honesty need to adapt that story to death?” I ranted on the phone. “I mean, I’ve heard that Leyden Avalon is doing a stage play on the same thing. Wouldn’t we be stealing their thunder?”

“Not exactly. I have a secret weapon to make it work now that you’ve mentioned Leyden Avalon.” He chuckled a bit before continuing his thought. “One of the profs at that college forwarded a little piece from one of their students to me.”

Oh, really now?


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