Hollandus Landing 323: Xiuying Shanxi part XVIII

I shook my head a bit and had my hand up. “Wait, what? I must be tweaking out right now because there is no way that we just teleported after we were about to get blown to pieces!”

“A simple thank you would suffice.” D25 shot my remarks down. “I also can’t use my electric abilities since my teleportation skill zaps up my remaining powers.”

“Now I’ve heard everything, D25. So what’s up with you being hunted down by an army of spandex wearing robots and you having powers straight out of a crappy anime show?” I crossed my arms when I talked to her.

“Please don’t call me D25. That’s just an idiotic code name for me.”

“So what’s your name then? Come to think of it, you never got mine. It’s Xiuying.”

“Fine. Call me Dragoslava.”


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