Hollandus Landing 324: Xiuying Shanxi part XIX

“That’s certainly a name you got there, dragon lady.” I chuckled after hearing her real first name.

She then have me a death glare. “My name means ‘precious glory’ in my mother tongue. It has nothing to do with dragons.”

“Well, sorry. I didn’t know that.” I sarcastically replied to this teleporting woman with some kind of Eastern European accent. “It just sounded like that mythical creature to me and English isn’t even my first language.”

“Maybe I should have left you there to get obliterated.” Dragoslava said while she turned her back.

“Okay, I’m sorry now.” That apology was legit although I huffed while saying it. “I’m glad you saved my life.”

She then turned her head. “Apology accepted. Now if you excuse me, I need to change up my look and be undercover so they won’t get me.” What came out of her mouth next shocked me. “I doubt they’re going to wreck a pro wrestling show.”

My jaw dropped when she said that in a dead serious voice.


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