Hollandus Landing Chapter 325: Xiuying Shanxi part XX

Dragoslava then walked away in an almost dramatic fashion with her long coat blowing in the breeze.

I couldn’t help but laugh at her little comment about watching fake fighting. Someone like her wouldn’t or shouldn’t be into that kid of stuff.

I found myself a cab to get back to my apartment.

So what if I was beat up a bit? I’ve been in two robot brawls and tons of steel cages. It made me remember one of my first fights back in Macao.
It was five years ago where I ended with a few kicks to my opponents’ midsection before going in for the guillotine choke.


I won by submission. I saw my uncle smiling in the crowd while giving a thumbs up sign.

Although I was bloody and bruised, I gave a thumbs up right back.

Without any words, I knew he meant three words.

“You’re tough enough.”


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