Hollandus Landing chapter 326: Windsor Hayes part I

April 15th, 2017

“Let me get this straight, you saw what?”

I was on the end of a call while I wrote everything I heard on a good old fashioned notepad. My hands were stubby, but I still wrote fast.

“Wow, now I’ve heard everything. So there’s more robots AND a woman who has the ability to teleport? Any other detective would say you’re on drugs, but I did hear about what happened to that gym a while back.” I then nodded while jotted down more information. “Alright, got it. Thank for telling me what you know.

I hung up my phone and just went through my notes.

Boy, was I going to be working overtime as a gumshoe. I picked up my fedora and began getting more leads.

Looks like I may have to talk to her again.


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