Hollandus Landing Chapter 329: Windsor Hayes part IV

“Come again?” Fatiyyah couldn’t believe what I was talking about.

“I’m dead serious. I’ve gotten reports about a woman at the scene who teleported away with some other lady. Did you ever invent any kind of teleportation technology or know anyone who does?”

“No. Even for a person like me who makes fully functional humanoid machines, that’s above my skill set. I didn’t even think people could teleport until you just told me.” Fatiyyah answered.

“Alright. I don’t think she was directly involved with whatever Geneva Labs is doing with your works, but there was some kind of connection. One witness told me that she was addressed as Agent D25 and that she had some accent like maybe Baltic or Slavic.”

“I know nothing about this D25 person. So you’re on your own there.”

“Fair enough. So, how would you feel about helping me serve justice and to help clear your name?”

There was a few seconds of silence.


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