Hollandus Landing Chapter 339: Windsor Hayes part XIV

“Found something.” Fatiyyah stopped typing and began reading what she was researching. “According to the Janesville Sentinel, Regis Oulette started a partnership with Geneva Labs to expand job openings while also planning for the Hollandus Metro Area’s future infrastructure.”

I just shook my head. “Just like a true politician. Always talking about getting jobs. If I hear Wisconsin being labeled as a rust belt state one more time…”

“Hold it, inspector. I have more.” She interrupted me before clearing her throat. “Part of this infrastructure plan involves creating more fields for alternative energy sources, better civil engineering and…Oh, no he didn’t.” If her head was a tea kettle, then I could hear streams of steam coming out of her ears. She glared at me while she quoted another finding.

“Our ever-so-honorable mayor is going to have a robotics program as part of his big infrastructure plan that should come to light in 2021.” Fatiyyah just scowled.


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