Hollandus Landing Chapter 340: Windsor Hayes part XV

“Not only is he somehow responsible for what’s going on with Kingsley and those other dunderheads, but he’s going to steal my work while getting credit for it as some kind of plan to improve Hollandus Landing?!?” Her voice escalated. “Inspector, we have to go after that imitator of a mayor.”

I really wanted to say yes right away, but I’ve had my own doubts.

“Why aren’t you outraged about this?” She interrogated me. Huh, I thought that was my job.

“I am, but to be honest, I’m in a tough position.” I confessed. “I’ll be blunt with you. It’s going to be tough given the power he has in this city.”

“So what? You’ve taken down criminals who’ve done less than him.”

Dang, sweetheart.

Way to make my position look indefensible.


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