Hollandus Landing Chapter 355: Yamikani Mtendere part X

“I’ve been dealing with a new energy source which has more potency than solar or bio-fuels. Not only that, but my boss told me that they’re going to be testing humanoid robots.”

Fatiyyah’s eyes perked when I told them this. “What are they going to use the robots for?”

“From what I know, it’s for automated labor and for security purposes. I wasn’t told about any other purposes or the specifics of them.”

“You do know I’m a robotics engineer, right?” She quickly responded to my information. “That and your employers in addition to other local conglomerates have stolen my patents while using them to hurt others. I still have to deal with all this legal red tape as my name is driven through excrement.”

My eyes widened after hearing that. “Wait…my employers did WHAT?!”

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