Hollandus Landing Chapter 399: Taylor Garver part XIV

Lindita glared at the person who was walking in with her tank top and shorts on.

“Rhiannon, why do you still have a problem with me?” Her voice got lower when she addressed her.

“It’s because you haven’t learned anything here. Back when you were in my mentor group, you were so aimless and didn’t decide your major until two years after orientation. You’ll never be able to get decent work after you get your diploma.”

“Come on, you’re only a year older than me and I just happened to be assigned to your group during your sophomore year.” Lindita pointed out that fact. “You’re implying that I’m lazy? Tell that to the student center where I’ve been tutoring people every week.”

“So what? I landed a job in their advancement department partially thanks to my business degree.” Rhiannon bragged.

“Hey stop it, you two!” I butted in. “We’re just here to play some b-ball and you both are bickering!”


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