Hollandus Landing Chapter 400: Taylor Garver part XV

“What did I ever do to you? It’s not like I made fun of you or beat you up or anything of that nature.” Lindita argued as she pointed her finger at Rhiannon.

“You don’t get it. People without ambitions aren’t worth my time. Just move on.” Rhiannon gloated before turning her back to focus on running the track.

“You mean like how you came back here to get a job instead of your hometown? Looks like someone couldn’t just leave Leyden Avalon after they graduated.” Lindita snapped as those words came out of her mouth.

Rhiannon stopped for a few seconds as those words were icing whatever wounds she had before saying “No, that’s not true!” and left in a huff.

“You alright, Lindita?” I asked my teammate.

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